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Meg Mangin Meg Mangin, Executive Director

Meg Mangin, R.N. is a registered nurse licensed in the state of Wisconsin. She attended St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Rochester, MN and graduated from Milwaukee County General School of Nursing. She held staff nurse positions in coronary/intensive care, and provided skilled home-nursing services in a variety of medical specialties. Meg headed the Wisconsin La Leche League for five years and served on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) State of the Science panel. She also served 6 years on an NIH Data, Safety and Monitoring Board.

Meg was one of the earliest adopters of Inflammation Therapy and participated in its early research. She led a team of online nurses in counseling hundreds of patients on their road to recovery and was a presenter at Days of Molecular Medicine in Karolinska, Sweden, the Understanding Aging Conference in Los Angeles and the International Conference on Autoimmunity in Porto, Portugal.

She is the author of Observations of Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction in Sarcoidosis Patients and a co-author of a chapter in the 2006 medical textbook titled Vitamin D: New Research, published by Nova.

Belinda FenterBelinda Fenter, Financial Director
Belinda Fenter graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree. After several years in advertising, she managed a clinical office for seven years. She is one of the earliest adopters of Inflammation Therapy and participated in its early research; elucidating the science of chronic inflammation and tracking related scientific papers. She was a liaison with governmental agencies including the National Institutes of Health and the US Food and Drug Association.

In 2004, Belinda co-authored Antibacterial Therapy Induces Remission in Sarcoidosis.  and a co-author of a chapter in the 2006 medical textbook titled Vitamin D: New Research, published by Nova.

Within her local community, Belinda has served on library advisory boards as well as the boards of Parent Teacher Associations and neighborhood associations.

Deborah Yeager R.N., Nurse Counselor

Debbie YeagerDeborah currently resides in Huntington, W.V. with her husband John. They have 3 grown children and are soon to be first time grandparents. She is an RN and graduated from Lexington Technical Institute/University of Kentucky. When she relocated to Huntington she became a rehabilitation nurse at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital specializing in TBI and stroke. She then became a CCM (certified case manager) at Health South until 2004 and is now retired.

Debbie, as she likes to be called, has been on Inflammation Therapy since 2006 and has dealt with several autoimmune disorders throughout her life. Currently, she is the Team Manager of the River Magic Chorus of Sweet Adelines and sings lead as well as in her other musical group, 7th Heaven. She is the former founder and Director of the Tri-State Celiac Support Group and still counsels celiac patients through CSA. Debbie belongs to the AutoImmune Group of Huntington and has been a tutor for the Adult Illiteracy Program in the state. She is also active with her husband for the Healing Place of Huntington which addresses drug and alcohol recovery in the community.

Debbie enjoys people, movies, photography, birding, singing and performing and traveling anywhere she can go.

Kelly FincherKelly Fincher, Administrative Assistant
Kelly Fincher graduated from University of North Texas in Denton with a degree in Speech Communications. Kelly and her husband and twin sons live in Denton where they home school and diligently work at recovery with Inflammation Therapy. Kelly enjoys decorating, art and home design, and bartered with a green builder to create a safe and healthy home by offering design consultation to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their 1950s home of 20 years was contaminated with Chlordane pesticide, no doubt a factor in their chronic inflammation woes. Past volunteer jobs included PTA, Denton Christian Preschool, and League of Women Voters.

Kelly is thrilled to work with CIR, an invaluable service for better understanding human health.

Rebecca SinhaRebecca Sinha, Research Director
Rebecca Sinha has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and a Bachelor of Science from Viterbo College in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She worked for a few years in Australia for the Queensland Small Business Corporation as a researcher. She also taught marketing at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland.

She currently resides in Mexico City, Mexico, with her husband and two cats. She likes to travel, loves movies and books, loves cooking, likes to do arts and crafts, and has a passion for cats.


Meg and Debbie are qualified to counsel medical practitioners or patients about all aspects of the recovery process. Belinda is available to provide information about non-medical aspects of Inflammation Therapy to physicians or patients. All of our dedicated staff members have personal experience with Inflammation Therapy and are non-salaried volunteers who generously donate their time and expertise.

Unless otherwise specified, the medical information throughout this website is written by Meg Mangin, R.N. .

"I so appreciate the work of the CIR team; their ongoing support of all of us via CIR website, patient posts, and now workshops, where it was so apparent their level of knowledge, professionalism, and compassion." ~ Noel

Last updated February 8, 2013